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Hi Experts

I'm developing a music tutor program in Delphi 3 Pro. It's not very sophisticated but it's a major project for me as I'm just a novice programmer. In my application I would like to present the user with the facility to slow down or speed up MIDI files. I would see the way to do that by dropping a TMediaPlayer component onto my form, a spinEdit component and a sliderbar etc. and writing a lot of code for the onclick events of the various buttons and components. My problem is that I have yet to learn the vital relevant code :-( So, what I would like to ask is - can anybody please tell me anything about how to achieve this speed control?

Ideally, what I would like to be able to do, is to play a MIDI file either straight from file/path, or from a MIDI file that has been converted into a binary RESOURCE file and embedded within my executable; then be able to control its speed with a variable speed control.... I don't know if that can be done? Any advice offered will be much appreciated.

If you are able to help, no matter how small - I will be very grateful and I thank you in advance.

Thnx... (e-mail me if you prefer)


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