Increment and decrement operator

Int main()
a=a++ * a--;
I don't get why the output is 110 plz explain the output


  • First off, your code is not even valid C.
    Now translation of your code:

    a = 10
    a = 10
    a = 11 * 10

    For why that is go read some about sequence point.

  • Hey boo ,sorry I didn't mention that a is int data type, but u didn't explain it well why in last line it's 11*10

  • What do you expect it to be? On line 2 assignment precedes the increment. On line 3 it's an expression so increment/decrement need to be evaluated first before both numbers are multiplied.
    Maybe this will be more clear:

    a = 10
    (a = a + 1) * (a = a - 1) // a++ * a--
  • Assignment operator preceds the increment. Moreover, the value of a is initialised to be 10 and then multiplied with 11 which gives the result 110. For help on operators in C, follow the link :

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