Array Sorting, Processing and Reporting

I need to do this update to a program and I don't understand exactly what I have to do> If you guys can give me a hint i'll relay appreciate. I/m stuck. Thank you

a. Input: Update the program so as to remove the internally defined string array of title[]. That is, remove the initialization of the title[] array from within the program to an external file, say title.txt. Do the same for the description[] and prices[] arrays. Hence, you will need three (3) single array input files.
b. Output: Update the program with another function, the output control function. This function is the output control function so that whenever output is needed, such as line #s 67, 89, and 140, the new output function is called. The output function would contain conditional statements based upon the arguments passed to it to perform output. You will need to generalize the messages and make at least one of the arguments passed to be an indicator of which message needed and then even to reference the actual text of the message. Something similar to outputFunction(outputMessageSection, MessageString[ArrayValue], etc…..)

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