Automation of Hardening and Security Audits on Virtual Machine Hypervisors

Hello, I need help on solving this problem. Please provide me resources, guidance, and a set of program or scripts

"The configurations of virtual machine hypervisors have to be hardened and tested before deployment to the production environment and conversely, security audit checks have to be carried out to ensure the correct configuration of these platforms.

Presently, such processes and checks are carried out manually, resulting in multiple errors and inconsistencies in the production environment.

Automation of these processes (both hardening and checking), whether via a script or custom program, will reduce human error and ensure proper security configurations of these hypervisor platforms.

At present, there is no freely-available, standalone tool that addresses all 3 common hypervisor platforms of VMWare ESXi, Microsoft HyperV, and the Xen Hypervisor. Such a tool, if implemented, would go a long way to help increase productivity and security levels for cloud computing environments."

1) Specify baseline hardening requirements for each hypervisor platform (ESXi, HyperV, Xen)
2. Conduct one pass of manual hardening and security checks for each platform, for familiarization purpose.
3. Specify a scoring system to gauge the security level of each system based on the observed configuration settings.
4. Write a set of program(s) or script(s) to conduct 2-way process (harden and check) for each platform, and (for audit) calculate the score for each configured system.

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