Which PHP framework is more productive – Symfony, Laravel,Zend or CodeIgniter?

Hey We have this Post. bit.ly/2kzziR1 but also wanted to hear your thought about php framework that which one is better and why?![](Top 6 FrameWork PHP.jpg)


  • CodeIgniter is a better than other PHP frameworks. It is ideal for web applications development with advanced features. https://www.orioninfosolutions.com/hire-codeigniter-developer.php

  • What are the pros and cons of plain PHP or Classic ASP?

    PHP and Classic ASP are server-side scripting languages. What is wrong with having a website written in this instead of the trendy JavaScript Frameworks like React, Angular etc.? If memory serves me correctly, there is an issue with security where you can post in a text box some script and hack into a system.

    Can we please discuss some pitfalls or drawbacks to having a website written entirely in PHP or ASP? What does a JavaScript framework or Node.js bring to the table that would otherwise be lacking?

    I am just now venturing into a contract where I am tasked with updating and maintaining existing code. All I know right now is that it is written in PHP and Classic ASP. I am in the process of investigating these scripting languages and I want to know what the opinion of other developers are.

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