Draw DGN as Part of AutoCAD DWG & Access Underlay Flags for DWG Format inside .NET Apps

Aspose development team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.CAD for .NET 16.12.0. The major development in this release is implementation of the feature drawing DGN format as a part of DWG format. Underlay flags for DWG format are implementation in this release. Reading insert coordinate and rotation angle for DGN underlay feature also been incorporated in this release. It allows users to export a DWG file with embedded DGN underlay inside. Code sample demonstrating how to access the DGN underlay inside a DWG file while exporting the DWG file is provided on blog announcement page. It has implemented the underlay flags for DWG format and allows developers to access them. It also includes important enhancements, such as converting DWG to PDF format has been improved and converting DWG to PNG format in multithreading has been improved. The main new features added in this release are listed below

• Update Dynabic.Metered functionality
• Implement Underlay Flags for DWG format
• Implement drawing of DGN format as a part of DWG
• Converting DWG to PDF is showing incorrect results
• Implement reading insert coordinate and rotation angle for DGN underlay.
• Converting DWG to PNG in multithread is throwing exception

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