Calling a particular 'div' tag using BeautifulSoup

edited January 2017 in Python

I wish to extract the second link (that is the link for the number '2') from the following HTML code:

<div class="post-footers"> 1 |<a href="index.html?page=2"> 2 </a>|<a href="index.html?page=3"> 3 </a>|<a href="index.html?page=4"> 4 </a> </div>

So I thought to output all the href into a list and then extract the element at index 1 like shown below:

tags=soup.find("div", class_="post-footers")
print links[1]

But it returns the error:
tags.get('href', None)
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'

This means that the tags turned out to be empty. So where in the code did I go wrong?

Thanks, if anyone would be able to help :)

Update: It is Python: 2.7

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