Set Custom Tick Mark Spacing for Chart Axis & Enhanced Presentation Cloning in .NET Apps

Aspose team is happy to share the announcement of Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.12.0. This is primarily a maintenance release whereby we have rectified many issues incurring in product along with inclusion of some new features. It has improved the MSO charts support in this release and now users can set the custom distance between tick mark positions of horizontal axis. It has also enhanced the HTML export by providing options like imaging compression, picture cropped area and external fonts handling in HTMLOptions and SVGOptions classes. Aspose team has resolve the issues related to presentation saving which earlier resulted in missing or wrong fonts, missing headers, improper text, missing hyperlinks and wrong line styles for shapes in saved presentations. This release has also addressed the presentation access and saving issues have been rectified for many presentation decks that resulted in exceptions including KeyNotFoundException, ArgumentException, NotImplementedException and PptxReadException in previous releases. The presentation to SVG export has also been improved in this release and issues related to rendering as well as export exception issues have been rectified. This release has improved the presentation rendering support as well and has rectified several rendering issues including improper charts rendering, missing slides, improper or missing text, wrong chart elements, wrong fonts and low quality images export SVG, PDF, thumbnails and HTML file formats. It has also addressed the presentation cloning issues which earlier resulted in incorrect text rendering in cloned slides. This list of new, improved and bug fixes in this release are given below

• Set distance between tick mark on horizontal axis
• Getting duration of extracted video from presentation
• ArgumentException on saving presentation
• Missing slides while converting pptx to pdf
• KeyNotFoundException on loading presentation
• Chart is improperly rendered in generated SVG
• Presentation not saving
• Exception on saving presentation
• Exception on loading presentation
• Wrong Data Table offset and legend key size
• Ppt size increase after saving
• Presentation changed after saving
• Fill of an object change after saving ppt
• Header Footer removed after saving ppt
• Font changes from Calibri to MS PGothic after saving ppt
• Exception on saving presentation
• Pptx changed after converting to pdf
• Font changed from Calibri to Arial after saving presentation
• Hyperlink removed after saving ppt
• Line style was changed after saving ppt
• Arc Drawing is removed after saving ppt
• Shapes do not clipped during render if they are outside of a chart area
• a * character is added to each slide after saving ppt
• NotImplementedException on saving presentation
• Powerpoint slide to png conversion issue
• Evaluation watermark showing up in powerpoint files
• High memory consumption while converting pptm to pdf
• Date and slide number are lost in the footer of resaved PPTX to PPT during thumbnail generation
• Different Footers placeholders recognized in ppt and pptx
• Missing table on Notes Maste
• Exception on saving presentation
• Font type changes after converting pptx to png
• Incorrect character positioning in HTML representation of the presentation document in Safari for iOS
• Images are less clear after converting Pptx to html
• Quality of image changes after exporting to svg
• Chart data fail to open in Edit mode on saving presentaiton
• Links are not preserved for added ole frame
• PptxReadException while loading presentation
• Incorrect text rendering with slide cloning
• Text rendered incorrectly in PDF
• Bubble chart is drawing wrong on thumbnail generated from pptx
• Highlight missing in generated PDF
• PptxReadException thrown on loading pptx
• The chart axis labels appear differently after saving
• Chart is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
• The chart is rendered half of its width in thumbnail and PDF
• Wrong display units for value axis for Scatter chart in exported PDF
• The value axis values direction changes in exported PDF
• Bullet Text are not coming fine after conversion from PPT to PDF
• PPTX to PNG Conversion: Chart Missing in the generated PPTX file
• Category axis values scales are different in generated PDF

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

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