Filter Email Messages by Date or Time & Enhanced Fetching Tasks from Exchange Server using .NET

Aspose team is pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Email for .NET 6.12.0. This month’s release includes a number of enhancements for working with tasks on Exchange server and searching messages by specifying date time. It also fixes a number of bugs related to the API that further improves the overall API functionality. It already supports fetching tasks from Exchange server. This month’s release further enhances the capabilities of fetching tasks using Exchange Web Service (EWS) by providing filtering capabilities. This allows to retrieve only those tasks from server that meet specific user criterion for task status. The possible statuses include, Completed, Deferred, In Progress, Not Started and Waiting on others. The TaskStatus property of ExchangeQueryBuilder class can be used to specify a single status or a combination of statuses to be retrieved from the server. This month’s release also enhances the API’s IMAP and EWS clients to filter messages from server by Time as well. Till yet, these provided the capability to filter messages from server based on date using the ExchangeQueryBuilder class. The implementation has been enhanced so that the comparison now considers the time part as well. The DateComparisonType.ByDateTime option serves this purpose for filtering messages using the MailQuery. It also fixes several bugs that were reported with the last month’s release by Aspose’s valued customers. This further improves the API functionality and stability. In addition to this month’s release, Aspose team has also published a revamped version of Aspose.Email for .NET that is based on a more improved namespace structure. The new version of the API will be published in parallel to this version, now known as legacy API, for three consecutive releases so as to give customers ample time for migration to the new API. The main bug fixes & improved features added in this release are listed below

• List only completed tasks from Exchange server
• EWS: Retrieve Extended Properties for Items
• Filter mail messages by date and time when using EWS
• Filter mail messages by date and time when using Imap
• EML to MHTML: Output text size is different
• Regression: EML to MSG doesn't load images in Output
• SmtpClient leaking ThreadLocal data
• Subject is getting corrupted after changing its encoding
• One-Off Distribution List added to PST can't be opened in MS Outlook
• EMSG to VCF doesn't care about the line breaks in Notes
• EML to EML garbles message body
• When email attachments are saved to disk, the .msg files get corrupted
• PST generated with Calendar Items crashes Outlook 2010
• PST created with sample MSGs crashes Outlook
• Applying license to this EML removes the message signature
• Multiple To entries in EML are not read by MailMessage
• EML to TIFF raises exception
• ImapClient.ListMessages(MailQuery, int) raises System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException for unread messages
• PersonalStorage.SplitInto raises exception when License is not applied
• IEWSClient.ListMessages causes exceptions when some fields of email message headers have big length
• Exception when replying to MSG with attachments
• System.OutOfMemoryException while loading mail object to MapiMessage

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

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