New Animation Effects for Shape, Slide Content Reset & Enhanced PPT to PDF Conversion using .NET

Aspose team is happy to share the announcement of Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.10.0. This release has resolved many issues incurring in product along with inclusion of some new features in API as well. It has included some new animation effects for shape in this version. Now, users can also use EffectType.Disapper in animation setting to add disappear shape effect. It has also included support for resetting the slide by adding new property in Slide class by including Reset () method which will reset the position, size and formatting of every shape on slide. It has also included ShowMasterShapes property in IBaseSlide class. It specifies if shapes on the master slide should be shown on slides (ISlide, ILayoutSlide or INotesLides) or not. For master slide itself this property always returns ‘false’ and doesn’t allow setting ‘true’. It has addressed several issues related to charts processing which include improper chart backgrounds, chart border area rendering and improper chart labels. It has also resolved slide cloning issues which include missing content inside cloned presentation as well. It has rectified several issues related to presentation rendering and it’s exporting to PDF and HTML. The issues related to improper background color, text rendering and chart element rendering have been rectified as well. Aspose team has also addressed several presentation access and saving issues as well in this release that earlier resulted in different exception when working upon them. This list of new, improved and bug fixes in this release are given below

• AnimationEffect.Disappear is unavailable in Aspose.Slides
• SSupport for slide reset in Aspose.Slides
• Support for setting Hide Background graphics property
• Resaving PPT to PPT creates presentation which opens in Protected View mode
• SException while opening presentation with COM
• SWhen slide is copied from one presentation to another, it looks differently than when slide is copied manually in PowerPoint
• When existing PPTX is opened and then saved, the X axis of chart gets corrupted
• Slide background colors on generated thumbnail differs from PowerPoint
• Unreadable content in cloned presentation
• Pptx corrupted after removing slides
• Slide Number alignment and size changes
• Notes Page text box becomes bigger
• SSlide get corrupted after saving ppt
• Background changed after converting ppt to pdf
• Tex box position changed after saving ppt
• Portion's font is changed on rendering after saving ppt
• SError while constructing object for pptx document
• IPictureFillFormatEffectiveData returns zero Dpi
• Chart Size changes after saving ppt
• "Cannot find table 'loca' in the font file" for Myriad Pro font
• Resaved presentation font in PP depends on the order of opening
• Font Bold and Italic property are not working properly
• Unable to read beyond the end of the stream exception on presentation load
• Wrong labels appears on the category axis
• SChart background appeared as black in generated thumbnail
• Border of chart area is improperly rendered in generated thumbnail
• IndexOutOfRangeException on presentation load
• 2 Slide Masters and Additional layout slide on presentation load and save
• SShapes missing on load and save ppt
• Null reference exception is thrown on loading a presentation
• Wrong gap between plot area and chart border
• bPptException is thrown on saving ppt
• Protected view message on saving presentation using Aspose.Slides
• IndexOutOfRange exception on accessing presentation
• SAlternativeText is missing after resaving PPT
• Invalid operation exception on loading presentation
• Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object on opening the PPT file
• Handwriting data missing in generated thumbnails and Html
• ArgumentOutOfRangeException is thrown on opening the PPT file
• Images are not rendered in HTML to PPTX Import

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

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