c programming

Write a C program that uses four functions namely input(), getGrade(), output() and
main() to read in the average marks scored by a student and output the grade attained.
The input function is used to read marks for each 5 subjects and then returns the average
mark for a student. This function should only accept values that fall within the range 0-
100. The average mark is then passed as a parameter to the getGrade() function which
uses it to assign a grade based on the following classification:
Mark Grade
75 and above A
60 and below 75 B
50 and below 60 C
40 and below 50 D
Below 40 E
The mark and computed grade are the passed as parameters to the output() function,
which outputs the appropriately. All functions are called from main. Allow the program
to repeatedly ask a user for the average mark and display the grade.

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