Trick to Calculate the Calendar Mentally

Here is a course about learning to calculate the calendar mentally without external aids. It's a nice and lightweight algorithm that is easy to use and is easy in the brain.

It can help you learn Spanish too since it also has video and audio both in Spanish with which you can compare between your hearing, the actual text and its actual pronounciation.

This is the index of the minicourse:

Week 1: Learning the Sequence of Days 1 to 31

Week 2: Calculating Freely for Any Month with Month Tables

Week 3: HTML Program to Get the First Day of the Year and Number of Days (365 or 366)

Week 4: Original Docoments From When the Method Was Created

It's possible that there will be more videos for this course in the future, so to know if there are more, just refer to the URL of the index of the course. In the future there should be an index HTML page showing the full index of videos and resources.


  • wow! how did you do that?!

  • Yes I did, I didn't even know how to program at the time, I was no older than 17 years while in baccalaureate.

    I had just read a tiny bit of BASIC when I was little, and about Visual Basic 4 from a book by Anita Millspaugh and Julia Case Bradley when I was around 11 years old.

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