Adaptive Synthesis: Taking the high toon and low tone from wav file

I want to synthesis the tone of my wav file, so that i can get the high tone and the low tone;
take higher tone and lower then first toon i have.
I use the sample code like this:

F1 = fft(originalSignal);
N = numel(F1);
F1a = F1(1:N/2);         % the lower half of the fft
F1b = F1(end:-1:N/2+1);  % the upper half of the fft - flipped "the right way around"
t1 = 1:N/2;              % indices of the lower half
t2 = 1+ (t1-1) / (1 + 2.^(2/12)); % finer sampling... will make peaks appear higher
F2a = interp1(t1, F1a, t2); % perform sampling of lower half
F2b = interp1(t1, F1b, t2); % resample upper half
F2 = [F2a F2b(end:-1:1)];   % put the two together again
shiftedSignal = ifft(F2);   % and do the inverse FFT


With that sample code--t2 = 1+ (t1-1) / (1 + 2.^(2/12));--` I can take higher toon my wav file produced. But, I couldn't get the lower toon that i want. Please help me to solve that probem. I am a beginer. Thankyou..

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