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I am just beginning my formal education in programming after years of pieced-together html and CSS. I have an online business in the gaming industry and am looking to become knowledgeable in specific languages to build plugins and bots related to IRC chat. I also do web development as part of my business so html, JavaScript, and CSS will be a large focus, but for my other needs I am curious if Python will suffice or if I should consider SQL? Is it possible to achieve these goals with only JavaScript if using only browser based applications? To be frank, my current knowledge is quite limited to rudimentary html, CSS, and JavaScript, but my time is equally limited and as a result I'd like to have a clear direction and focus on languages. Thanks for any advice in advance!


  • Well, if you already have some experience with JavaScript, why not go for Node.js, you could continue working with JavaScript, it can be browser based, you could also use it as a server backend.

    I am a bit unsure what SQL might be doing here, as this is a database query language, and not a programming language per say.

    Basically, depending on your needs so you will choose the programming language that fits best to your requirements

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