Load a pic

I have a vaiable called file and want to load it on a wepage
Like this

show_pic="<IMG SRC=\""+file+"\">";

Q 1. But on the place i have my web page doesnt accept \ can i doing on another way so my pic loads?
Q 2. I even want to change size for the pic like in this string #> <img src="file" width="800" height="300" border="0" />#
Q 3. Is there anyone who know if there is any site there i can upload files on for free?
Thx for your help


  • I have get ride of the problem with \ now do i only need to know how to rezise the pic in show_pic="<IMG SRC=\""+file+"\">";

  • Use single quotes:
    show_pic='<img src="'+file+'">';

  • thx its now working ok now i find out this line works great

    document.write('<IMG SRC="'+file+'.gif" WIDTH=800 HEIGHT=280>');
    And the problem with backslash \ too its possible to use \\ if you need to use it
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