Help with Matlab Functions!

I have to do these functions for homework. I completed 1, 2 and 3, but the others are hard for me. Can someone help me?

  1. Write a function called top_right that takes two inputs: a matrix N and a scalar non-negative integer n, in that order, where each dimension of N is greater than or equal to n. The function returns the n-by-n square array at the top right corner of N.

  2. Write a function called peri_sum that computes the sum of the elements of an input matrix A that are on the “perimeter” of A. In other words, it adds together the elements that are in the first and last rows and columns. Note that the smallest dimension of A is at least 2, but you do not need to check this.

  3. Write a function called light_speed that takes as input a row vector of distances in kilometers and returns two row vectors of the same length. Each element of the first output argument is the time in minutes that light would take to travel the distance specified by the corresponding element of the input vector. To check your math, it takes a little more than 8 minutes for sunlight to reach Earth which is 150 million kilometers away. The second output contains the input distances converted to miles. Assume that the speed of light is 300,000 km/s and that one mile equals 1.609 km.

  4. Write a function that is called like this: amag = accelerate(F1,F2,m). F1 and F2 are three-element column vectors that represent two forces applied to a single object. The argument m equals the mass of the object in units of kilograms. The three elements of each force equal the x, y, and z components of the force in Newtons. The output variable amag is a scalar that is equal to the magnitude of the object’s acceleration. The function calculates the object’s acceleration vector a by using Newton’s law: F = ma, where F is the sum of F1 and F2. Then it returns the magnitude of a.

  5. Write a function called income that takes two row vectors of the same length as input arguments. The first vector, rate contains the number of various products a company manufactures per hour simultaneously. The second vector, price includes the corresponding per item price they sell the given product for. The function must return the overall income the company generates in a week assuming a 6-day work week and two 8-hour long shifts per day.

Thank You!!!

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