The benefits of moving to Office 365

Nowadays many companies recognize the advantages of adopting cloud-based services to their businesses and move their Microsoft SharePoint apps to Office 365. Let’s figure out why.
First of all, there are multiple subscription plans to suit the needs of each specific company. However, some people find the number of plans confusing and are at a loss deciding which to choose for their company. Office 365 plans are split into four groups depending on the scale of an enterprise and its domain:
• Business plans have a user number limit of 300;
• Enterprise plans have unlimited number of users;
• Education plans for education institutions, and
• Government plans.
Plans differ from each other in price and apps and services available, and it’s also possible to mix plans as probably not all of your employees need a full set of features.
Another benefit of migration is that it takes technical maintenance off your shoulders because upgrading and patching for SharePoint Online are carried out by Microsoft.
Thirdly, the online version users get new SharePoint features earlier than those who stick the on-prem version. Besides, some of the new apps won’t be available on server-based products at all.
Still having doubts about making the move? Read more about Office 365 migration on the Digital Design website and find out the cost of our migration project.

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