Can some please write a PHP and SQL script for my problem given below,

junojuno India

Hello iam new to programming
i would like to host a website in my college wifi network using phpmyadmin,xampp!!!!
if some one want to access my website they need to enter a voucher/coupoun code.
in a clear way when they open they need an create/login account and enter the voucher/coupoun code
after that the page wil be redirected to
here are the rules
1)user must have an account to enter the voucher/coupoun code
2)if a user uses a voucher/coupoun code then another user cant use the same code to authorize my website
3)the voucher code should work only for 12hrs(it will be good if it show the timer on the page)
4)if the user tries to open "" directly without entering voucher code he/she shall return back to
voucher/coupoun entry page.
5)coupoun code and all the information shall store in mysql database
can some one help me with this thing and figure it out.
I went with many articles in the internet but can not find one which is really helpful for me


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