8 Up-and-Coming Programming Languages Developers Should Know

We all know that programming languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java and PHP have always stood up to the market demands. Nonetheless, there are progressions going on in the ever developing IT world. This enormous rate of progression requires that language developers keep gaining more and more skills and expertise for adding more features and functionality to their products and applications.

These 8 up-and-coming programming languages form the backbone of IT sector development. Along with HTML, Java or Objective C, there are other programming languages that have achieved high ratings and striking reviews from critiques worldwide. These programming languages are definitely here to stay and assist you beyond expectations.

  1. Dart: The Language that Replaced JavaScript

  2. Opa: The Idle Language for Simple and Secure Web Apps

  3. Scala: The Tongue of LinkedIn, Twitter and Intel

  4. Erlang: The Language with both Concurrency and Availability

  5. Ceylon: The Java Killer

  6. Google Go: The Cloud Language

  7. Swift: Delivering Impressive Results and Success

  8. Hack: The Very Own “Facebook” Product

Source: http://www.greycampus.com/blog/programming/eight-up-and-coming-programming-languages-developers-should-know

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