Can anyone help me with my CSS code

This is probably super simple but I dont understand why css file isnt linking with the html.
The files are located here:

Thanks for any help


  • gurkanozilgurkanozil Netherlands
    edited May 2016

    In your .css file you have opened an html tag. You might want to remove that and try again. If i'm wrong excuse me. I'm still a young programmer. ;)

  • gurkanozilgurkanozil Netherlands
    edited May 2016

    You could remove the type="type/css" from your php file's link.
    It should be changed to: <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/stylesheet.css">

  • Remove the dot from the selectors in CSS file or use class="h1" on your h1 tag.

  • thanks gang much appreciated. Its working now ;)

  • BTW anyway to mark this as solved?

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