Which systems/languages to use for this web application? Insights needed.

I have an application already developed on IBM Notes. It is basically 2 parts; one is an electronic library with around 250,000 documents, and the other is an organizer tailored for a specific kind of a job, much like a business logic and document management system.
I want to develop a web interface for this application so that it can be used on any device regardless of the operating system type, and without the need to have the Notes environment installed.

Naturally, the immediate answer would be to use XPages technology which comes readily with the Domino server.
However, there are a couple of issues which urged me to post this question:
1) Finding a (good) XPages developer is not an easy task. Especially when one of the requirements is that the developer can at least read Arabic letters.
2) Other languages seem to have frameworks and a rich culture that makes it enticing to move to these languages where one can more quickly and easily have modern designs and find answers to problems.

Still, using a different language means that we either need to migrate the data to a common database system, such as MySQL, or use the Domino API (which is not so practical in our case because the API cannot provide the rich text data with fidelity, and our data is full with rich text).

What are your insights and recommendations on this matter?
Many thanks in advance.

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