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Hey everyone what’s up? I’m trying to write a C++ program that’s way out of my league. So, no responses about how “I need to learn more” or “what you’re trying to do is beyond your skill” or any of that stuff. I already know this. I am here to get an answer. I also know that there are plenty of apps that help with what I’m trying to achieve but none of them do specifically what I want.
Picture this. I’m sitting at a brown table with 3 flashcard sized areas (slots) tinted green horizontally represented.
//////////////////// //////////////////// ////////////////////
| slot 1 | | slot 2 | | slot 3 |
| | | | | |
//////////////////// //////////////////// ///////////////////
I have 109 cards. Each card has 4 properties.
Card #1
Weakness to Frost
Fortify Sneak
Weakness to Poison
Fortify Restoration
{step1}(Function???)Place Card#1 in slot 1 (always choose the lowest numbered card available).
{step2}Then place Card#2 (next lowest numbered card available) in slot 2. Now look for similarities (Boolean???) between Card#1 and Card#2. “If” there are none, “then” replace Card#2 with Card#3 and check again. Keep this up until slot1 and slot2 match.
Card#1 Card#4
Weakness to Frost Restore Health
Fortify Sneak Fortify Light Armor
Weakness to Poison Resist Shock
Fortify Restoration Weakness to Frost
These would not be a match
Damage Magicka Damage Magicka Regen
{step3} Repeat {step2} for slot3 starting from lowest numbered card available (card#2 since it is not in any slot) until slot3 matches any of the other slots.
Card#1 Card#4 Card#5
Weakness to Frost Restore Health Resist Fire
Fortify Sneak Fortify Light Armor Weakness to Shock
Weakness to Poison Resist Shock Fortify Lockpicking
Fortify Restoration Weakness to Frost Fortify Sneak
{step4}This must be written (temporary database????) down to show that
Card#1+Card#4+Card#5 = 4 (representing the # of properties that are similar between all 3 cards).

That’s all for now. I would end up taking up too much space if I wrote the whole thing. I have Visual Studios 2010 with only some basic knowledge of C++. So, if this needs to be written in another language, please let me know. Here’s what I feel needs to be done.

Wouldn’t I need to build something (database, data range etc.) to hold all 109 cards info? Or should I “define” each card as having 4 “variables”? Ex.

include "stdafx.h"



using namespace std;

int Card_One (Weakness_To_Frost, Fortify_Sneak, Weakness_To_Poison, Fortify_Restoration);
int Card_Two (Damage_Stamina, Fortify_Conjuration, Damage_Magicka_Regen, Fortify_Enchanting); int Card_Three (Damage_Stamina, Invisibility, Resist_Fire, Fortify_Destruction);
int Card_Four (Restore_Health, Fortify_Light_Armor, Resist_Shock, Weakness_To_Frost);
int Card_Five (Resist_Fire, Weakness_To_Shock, Fortify_Lockpicking, Fortify_Sneak);

int _main()

return 0;


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