Lollisoft Software Development releases lbDMF 1.3.1 - with important bugfixes

The software contains a C# code generator to create business applications as a first prototype.

Read more about the release at the pressrelease

Download the latest software from here.

New features and fixes (technical):

  • Added new tables and data structures that can hold parameter values for form fields and database columns. This enables modeling more details for the referenced elements (formularfields, dbcolumns). Especially here will be stored the stereotype for database columns to model the intent for passwords for example.

  • Added documentation about the new feature (page 16).

  • Added writing column ID value to enable easier lookup of tables within XSLT queries. Required for the above feature.

  • Fixed bugs in XSLT import.

  • Added missing master detail action for parameters.

  • Increased product versions for the sample UML models (StsManagement and OpenSourceStoreReview). DevExpress XPO introduced incompatible changes by my last update to 15.2.

  • Added a new plugin to try to get GrayLog integrated. But it seems to fail on Windows. Currently I have deactivated that in builds and it needs more work.

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