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Good afternoon. I am just learning python script for a job I have, and I've run across an error. Basically, I have a script that allows me to assign nucleotides labels and colors within pymol for any RNA structure. I'm working with lab data, and using a text file from the lab in order to assign certain designations on the pdb file. However, since some of the lab data is incomplete, some of the nucleotide sequences don't show up on the pdb even though they show up on the text file, and the output within file basically says "labelled 0 atoms", or it gives no output whatsoever for the coloring that I have in the script. Is there any way I can add a section that takes whenever these errors occur, and puts them in a separate list? I know I'm looking for some way to output an error to a variable, I'm just not sure how to approach it.


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