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Hi, I am a student working my way for an associate’s degree in Information technology. My main focus is computer programming and I have finals coming up, but for one class I have to do a report about what it’s like to be computer programmer. This is a little hard for me since I have no connections to anyone that is currently employed in the field.

I have come up with some questions if anyone on here would be willing to answer my questions and send them to me via email it would be greatly appreciated and I would really enjoy getting a better understanding of what the life of a programmer is really like.

There is roughly 30 questions, but feel free to answer as many as you like. When I get around to reading it and I liked what I seen then I will use it for my final project, which is an informational interview report. I will also email you back informing you that I am using you as my interviewee for the project.

My email address is korey1322@hotmail.com and I will attach a link to a Google Docs file to this post for anyone who is interested. Thanks to anyone who is willing to take the time to help me with this, it’s greatly appreciated.

Google Doc link - "https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ELJx3dh8gwExbZhjTrqPdw7Aloe2d99oqB3A5j1vIuU/edit?usp=sharing" Informational Interview Report Questions - Google Docs


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    so many questions, I want to pick up some to reply, but find my poor english can't do this.

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