How can IncrediMail Export in Outlook

The IncrediMail is a desktop-based email client that provides colorful graphical and sound effects for sending and checking emails. It support features of other email clients like POP, IMAP and SMTP but it also provides animated notifier for new mail, several emoticons, animated 3D effects etc. which is unnecessary for professional users. However, IncrediMail is inferior to other email client like MS Outlook, which supports various Microsoft office applications and can be connected with MS Exchange. Due to these reasons, many users consider switching their platform from IncrediMail to Outlook. The blog will be discussing on how we can export IncrediMail in Outlook.

Why IncrediMail to Outlook Migration is required?
The export from IncrediMail to Outlook is the most preferred option for the professional/ business/ corporate users as IncrediMail email client provides too many colorful features like 3D effects, animation, personalized email notifier etc. that is not at all suitable for business environment. Though it provides a fun way to exchange mails, IncrediMail lacks many of the features that business users need, such as server spam filtering, conversation views, and phishing filters. All of these features are, however, included with Microsoft Outlook providing a secure enterprise email-client option with cross-program functionality that is integrated with various Microsoft Office applications.
IncrediMail Email client only supports Windows platform while Outlook works on Mac & Windows System. IncrediMail stores their emails in one database and the attachments in different folder that complicates user when they try to create mail attachments pairs. Both the email clients stores their data in different file formats i.e. Outlook uses PST file and IncrediMail uses IMM file. Exporting IncrediMail Mails to Outlook is necessary to make mails accessible in Outlook.

Ways to Export Mail from IncrediMail to Outlook
• Manual Method
IncrediMail does not support any in-built feature that can export mail to Outlook and similarly, Outlook does not have import option to import mails from IncrediMail. However, we can save one message individually from IncrediMail to a specified folder. We will follow these steps to access IncrediMail mails in Outlook:
- Open IncrediMail and select one mail at a time that we want to export
- Click on file and select ‘Save as’
- Mail will be automatically saved in EML format
- Drag and drop the Mail to MS Outlook

This manual method is very time consuming as it allows export of only one mail at a time. If a user needs to export multiple mails from IncrediMail to Outlook, the manual method is not recommended.
• Third Party tool

We can export all the mails from IncrediMail to Outlook in just a few seconds with the help of third party tools available like MailPro+. The software can scan the IncrediMail file where all the mails are stored and export them to a PST file, which can be accessed in MS Outlook. The tool not only export mails from healthy IncrediMail IMM file but also from corrupted IMM file to Outlook PST file without any form of data loss.

MailPro+ is a reliable solution for easy migration of all the mails from IncrediMail to Outlook keeping the original formatting of the mails intact after conversion. The software provides option to export mails into multiple file formats like PDF, MSG, HTML, CSV, EML, and TIFF format.

Moreover the tool supports more than 14+ email file conversion like Thunderbird to Outlook migration, Lotus Notes to Outlook migration, Exchange EDB to PST Converter, OST to PST Converter, Outlook Express, Eudora, MBOX files and many more. Moreover this tool also used as Email Forensics, Email Archiving, Email e-Discovery and many more.


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