Access Office differently than by VBA?

I face the following situation:

I took over a software project that started as a bunch of simple VBA scripts that deal with parsing data from various input documents, mostly from excel sheets or tables embedded in word documents and then (after processing the data) creating new tables in an output word document.

This project has grown extensively now and I am getting really annoyed of the poor debugging capabilities that are provided by the Office VBA "IDE" and the language limitations of VBA itself.

What I want to know is if there's a higher-level language that integrates into the Office Suite as well as VBA or provides comparable direct access to “Office-Objects” like Selection and Document etc. pp.

Would that for example be possible in C# comparably easy?
Or could I at least use Visual Basic to make use of Visual Studio without overhead-heavy workarounds (to “drill into the Office-Suite to control it”)?

Would love if you shared your thoughts with me.


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