Newbie question: Why is the substring comparison not happening in line 30 ?

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I have just started learning Java online. I have to search and print out multiple substrings which are part of a larger string. In the problem given I have to locate "classification:clocks", "classification:propellers", "classification:tools" but have to printout clocks, propellers, tools. I do not understand what I am doing wrong as there are no syntax errors. Why is the substring comparison not happening in line 12

public class LoopsPractice

    public static void main(String[] args)

        String str = "We have a large range of goods in our storage falling in "
                + "the classification:clocks and "
                + "classification:propellers along with classification:tools and others"; // This is the input string


// Expected output is clocks
//                    propellers
//                    tools

    public static void printClassification(String str)
        int endIndex = str.length();
        int currentIndex = 0;
        int spaceIndex = 0;

        while (currentIndex <= endIndex) // setup loop index range 
            if((currentIndex+9) < endIndex) // test to prevent search for "classification:" from going beyond string length
                System.out.println(str.substring(currentIndex, (currentIndex+9)));
                if (str.substring(currentIndex, (currentIndex+15)) == "classification:") // **Comparison not happening, why ?**
                    spaceIndex = currentIndex; // setup index to count characters until space character

                    while (str.substring(spaceIndex, (spaceIndex+1))!= " ")
                        spaceIndex = spaceIndex + 1;
                    System.out.println(str.substring(currentIndex, spaceIndex)); 
        currentIndex = currentIndex + 1;
        System.out.println("All done");


  • There is a mistake in my question. It should read "Why is the substring comparison not happening in line 30"

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