How to get a response body from a http request

Hi! This is my first post, so let me know if I make any mistake! Also, it's the first time I try to develop anything web using python :) . Anyway, my problem: I'm tryin to develop an app that lets me know when a bus is near my home. I'm taking the gps info from another app, developed by the city. I've been using Fiddler on windows to see how the app comunicates with the remote server. The thing is, I can get the response body from Fiddler manually, but I don't know how to get it from my Python code!

This is a snapshot from Fiddler on my pc. I don't post it as a img, because it doesn't show the full pic!

Behind the "Save> Response> Response body" you can see the information that I'm trying to get. Any help is useful, thank you so much!


  • KtrielKtriel Tandil
    edited November 2015

    EDIT: Using requests.get(url).text or .content doesn't work, at least not in 2.7.3. It prints "" when it should print this text

  • You're probably missing some kind of authentication.

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