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You should continue reading this article if you are tired with researching social network APIs. However, if you are still interested in these always-changing APIs, you can't live or can't eat without it, you can find another article to read right now. Because what I am about to introduce will helps you reduce your time and resource when you work with API of social networks.

When I was working on my first project relating to API, I found that API of social networks are useful and really important to developer. However, I often met some difficulties and waste a lot of my time for API. A lot of social networks and features made me confused. I decided to find some third-party API providers and try their service. In general, I think their products are good, but it is not really simple and easy for user. Besides, the price for these service are not suitable for developer. I think I should start my project which makes API more convenience and easy to use, and especially with lowest possible price for user.

In more than one year, I and my team researched and tried service of some big API providers. We gather almost their advantages and eliminate the disadvantage as well as features that are not necessary. The period was really difficult time, but finally, we complete our product with the most useful and popular features, and the price is lowest for user. As I am a developer, I understand that we sometimes need to test our application with API. Just for testing, we don’t need to pay money for a plan, right? So, we do not charge all our plan. We provide a special plan - a completely free plan for developer, with 1,000 free requests a month and without expiration date.

We named our product SocialAll. So, why don’t you take a look at SocialAll?

SocialAll combine all current popular social network APIs in the world into one unified API in order to make it easier for programmers. We supports all social network features (identification, friends, messages, publish, photo / video). We use The REST API protocol (HTTP) to communicate with the system / application so that it's easily to develop on any system / language.

What can SocialAll help you?

• Support 15+ social networks.
• We take care of the continuously changing API.
• Save your time and resource for researching.
• Save your money.
• Collect valuable information.
• Simple, easy to use.
• And how great is the support team? You will yourself find out.

Untill now, we have been developing 3 most important feature:

Social Login: Provide a stable, simple and customizable login to 15+ popular social networks. We ensure no interruptions in the Social Login service for your user.

Social Publishing: With this feature, user can post anything to popular social networks.

Social Inviter: Easy access to the connection between your user and their social network friends.

These features are now available on some popular CMS such as Dolphin, Wordpress, Opencart,…

For more specific, you can try our Social Login module demo on Wordpress here!
Or you can visit us at:
If you have any problem or question, leave us a message at:
Leave a comment to let us know how you feel about our product.

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