WPF percentage status shown in label MVVM

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Hi All Experts,

I got some problem in showing download percentage in GridView of WCF.i used MVVM pattern. here is my background worker in application start.

`public partial class MainWindow : Window
public MainWindow()
Overall.EverythingOk = "Nothing";

       //IRepo repo = new Repo();
       ViewModel.MainWindowsViewModel viewModel = new ViewModel.MainWindowsViewModel();
       this.DataContext = viewModel;

       BackGroundThread bgT = new BackGroundThread();

Here is the DoWork function in BackGroundTHread class

public void bw_DoWork(object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e)
           if (!Overall.stopStatus)
               for (int i=0; i < 10000; i++)
                   Overall.PercentageDwnd = i;
                   Overall.caseRefId = "999999";
                   if (i == 9998)
                       i = 1;

Overall.PercentageDwnd and Overall.caseRefId are static variable(you can call from everywhere in the application) and always update until the backgroundworker completed. I got another viewmodel called TestViewModel and here it is.

public class TestViewModel:BindableBase
        private String _UpdatePer=Overall.PercentageDwnd.ToString();
        public String UpdatePercentage
            get { return _UpdatePer; }
            set { SetProperty(ref _UpdatePer, value); }

        private ObservableCollection _ViewAKA = new ObservableCollection();
        private tblTransaction model;

        public TestViewModel(tblTransaction model)
            // TODO: Complete member initialization

        public ObservableCollection ViewAKA
            get { return _ViewAKA; }
            set { SetProperty(ref _ViewAKA, value); }

I bind with TestView.xaml file

<Window x:Class="EmployeeManager.View.TestView"
        Title="TestView" Height="359.774" Width="542.481">
    <Grid Margin="0,0,2,0">
        <Label Content="{Binding UpdatePercentage,UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Background="Red" Foreground="White" Margin="130,86,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="132" Height="39">



How can i realtime update Percentage in Label? quite newbie in WPF as well as MVVM

it is just test project with SQLite. Here is the link




  • What you can do is in the background thread, each time you need to update the percentage label, call it by invoking the application to update it. E.g.

    Application.Current.Dispatcher.Invoke(() => { 
        //update your percentage 

    It would be a good idea to implement OnPropertyChanged as well, so you can notify when the property changes.

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