Default Constructors

hi guys,
i am a programming student and i am struggling with a default constructor that is supposed to initialize private variables to 0 and nulls. i am very lost.


  • your member functions have direct access to variables of that class. in the default constructor, assign any variables as required. you can also make a constructor that takes arguments to assign to the variables.

    say you have a class named "foo" with a private variable named "int_var", a default constructor, and a constructor that takes an integer as an argument

        // default constructor
        int_var = 0;
    foo::foo(int init_value)
        // constructor that takes an integer
        int_var = init_value;

    to call the default constructor, instantiate a foo object with no argument. to call the other constructor, pass in an integer.

    foo a          /* call default constructor */,
        b(100);    /* call constructor taking an argument */

    at least, that how I remember it... I don't use c++ very often.

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