New to programming with javascript

jasonnort40jasonnort40 Ft Worth, TX
edited September 2015 in JavaScript

Having issues with the following. After the user enters the name twice I cannot get the pop up to separate the names. What am I missing? Any help would be appreciated. I have looked and read online and in text but seems that I am not getting it.

!doctype html
meta charset="utf-8"
title GreetingsJN /title
script type="text/javascript"
var who1=prompt("what is your name?");
var who2=prompt("what is your name?");
function Greet (who1, who2) {
alert ("Greetings " + who1 + who2);
script type="text/javascript"
Greet (who1 , who2)

Any help would be greatly appreatciated.


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