How to Restore iPhone 6 lost data after upgrading to iOS 9?

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Although iOS9 system is still in the testing phase, and with the next generation iPhone6s, iPhone6s Plus together on the line, but Apple seems to have been inside the testing carried out to iOS9.1. Today, foreign media Macrumors released the latest data, the disclosure of Apple's operating system iOS9.1 test case.

According to statistics, as early as July 21 iOS9.1 operating system had first appeared in the network and its traffic reaches its peak in about 22 days. Thereafter, iOS9.1 another in July 28-30 visit a lot of the Internet, this may be because of Apple's tests to a certain stage, test the networking capabilities of the system. After entering August, iOS9.1 traffic dropped sharply, it may be because Apple is in full swing iOS9 of mop-up work, paving the way for the release of the new iPhone.

iOS9.1 visited the iPad and iPad mini device, followed iPhone 6 Plus. Although news about iOS9.1 is still very small, but according to sources, the system will be on with the new generation of Apple "iPad Pro" large flat-screen line. The device size will reach 12.9 inches, and supports 2K resolution screen, will be in October or November with a new generation of iPad mini 4 release.

It is reported that, iOS9.1 for iPad Pro large flat-screen provide conditions for better multi-tasking capabilities, and improve the split-screen function, can effectively support office software, allows iPad to get the favor of the enterprise market.

With the launch of iOS 9, many iPhone users are curious to update their device with the latest version of operating system that is iOS 9. Insipite of having friendliest version feature and most powerful of iOS, it has some serious issues also. Many Apple users are complaining that after upgrading to iOS 9 their iPhone freezes repeatedly, some have reported problems with iTunes syncing and like that one of the serious and very common problems that users are facing these days is data loss issue. That’s why it’s too important to solve this issue.

Apple introduced a iPhone6 / 6 Plus Upgrade iOS9 installation tutorial, you can refer to this iOS9 beta installation tutorial, the first to experience the new features iOS9 system: Recover iPhone Lost Data in iOS 9

You may had upgraded your iPhone iPad to the latest iOS 9 beta, or wanting to update your idevices to the iOS 9 when it was released. However, no matter what devices or when your want to upgrade to iOS 9, before updating, you'd better do some backup from your iOS devices. Because you are not one hundred percent sure that the upgrade is successful, or your operation may not be correct. During updating to iOS 8, many iPhone iPad users had been asked me about how to recover lost contacts from iPhone 6 in iOS 9: "how to restore iPhone on Mac after upgrade", "how to recover data from iPhone after iOS 9 upgrade". This seems to be a thorny issue, unless you have an useful tool, iPhone iPad Recovery software is what you always looking for.

iPhone iPad Recovery software is an all-in-one iOS data recovery program providing three simple yet reliable ways to restore the lost or deleted contacts, messages, photos, notes, etc. from iPhone 6 on iOS 7/8/9, and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

Three Ways to recover contacts from iPhone after iOS 9 Upgrade

Way 1: Recover data from iPhone 6 directly on iOS 9
Step 1: Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer
Step 2: Analyze and scan iPhone or iPad for lost data

Step 3: Preview and retrieve whatever you want from iPad iPhone

Note: If you can't recover those data from iTunes or iCloud backup, or you even have no backups, you can follow this way to retrieve your data directly.

Way 2: Recover iPhone data from Backup files
Step1: Choose iTunes Backup Record to Scan
Step2: Preview the scanning result
Step3: Select the Target Files and Start to Recover to your device

Way 3: How to scan and extract iCloud backup to recover iPhone 6 lost data
Step 1: Choose the recovery mode and Sign in your iCloud
Step 2: Download and scan your iCloud backup
Step 3: Preview and recover whatever you want from the iCloud backup

Note: If you can't recover those data from iTunes or iCloud backup, or you even have no backups, you can follow this way to recover iPhone 6 lost data directly.

Read the detailed ios 9 recovery article and more iPhone recovery solutions from:

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