How to Recover Data on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

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News About Samsung Galaxy Note 5:
Samsung is preparing a top 5.9 inches AMOLED display, with a resolution of up to 4K (3840 × 2160). While reportedly on this display, Samsung will enable the "diamond pixel arrangement", and PenTile the same, this is not a standard pixel arrangement, it is unclear the pros and cons of this arrangement. But honestly, at 700 + PPI, who noted that a single pixel of it, what the arrangement is not important.
This display of available time should be next year in August, foreign media said that if to look at this point in time, it is likely the first to be put into use on the Galaxy Note 5. That is, after Galaxy Note 4 to spend 2K screen, Galaxy Note 5 will further spend 4K display.
In addition, Galaxy Note 5 may also carry some versions Xiaolong 810 processor, as the optical image stabilization of higher resolution camera also will not escape.

Lost Data on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Sometimes,you may lost data on your Samsung Note 5,or deleted files on Galaxy Note 5 by careless.What’s reason may cause lost data on your Galaxy Note 5? Let’s Check Out Reasons of Data Loss on Samsung Note 5:

System: New system update failure or system crash.
Human mistake: Unintentionally delete important files and accidentally formatting of the memory card.
Virus attack: Data may be deleted automatically due to virus attack.
Others: Battery dead while transferring data, factory setting restore, and memory card corruption, etc.

Recover SMS,Contacts,Photos,Videos,ect on Galaxy Note 5

Today,we talk about how to restore Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lost data,you can read on this post to get a feasible solution to recover Samsung Galaxy Note 5 lost data,including contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, videos, etc from your Samsung Galaxy Note 5,as well as Galaxy Note 2/3.
Read more: Recover SMS from Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Step by step to recover data on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Step 1.Launch the Android Data Recovery and Connect the Galxy Note 5

Step 2. Scan Samsung Note 5 Smart Phone and Select File Types

Step 3.Preview and Restore the Samsung Note 5 Lost Data

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