Where to find tutorials to make a simple DOS game?

Polda18Polda18 Czech Republic

What I am looking for is a tutorial (or more) that describes some techniques to make a simple game with menu, possibly score board with choosing a name and entering date of game in score board.

I am gonna to try out making a game based off classic paper game Sea Battle (in czech named Lodě) - it will be in czech, but I am a beginner and I need some sheet to start on. Basic construction of program. Basicaly after launching the game in console it should show a menu to navigate in. It should display New game, Show score board and Quit options in main menu.

New game should show up a screen to arrange own ships in my play field. There should be list of available ship types with remaining count of each. After all ships arranged the game should start. My cursor should be in opponent's play field seeking for his ships. It should be game for one player playing against computer. Following the original rules of the paper variant of course...

Show score board should display scores table with previous records. Only two options should be there - back to main menu or clean up the scores losing all records.

Quit should return back to the DOS console.

I am looking for any tutorial that has similar construction as described. I tried to look directly for tutorial to make similar game, but I ended up with poor results that points to some questions that even do not correspond with game construction, only it is about Qbasic and some keywords I searched for in a mean I did not expect to get. Tried to search for czech tutorials, english tutorials - no success. Can anyone help? It might be great experience to learn how DOS games could be actualy written and made...


  • when we face a problem, we use simple technique "googling".just paste your question in google search and select amongst millions of results.
    However http://www.dosgames.com/ is the best site

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