Trying to make a WPF app with different frameworks


I'm trying to make a customisable lock screen app for educational reasons (as I am a beginner). I want it to be such that I am able to use the accelerometer and other sensors to unlock "windows" and provide access to other apps. I've already figured out how to use winRT APIs along with normal .NET APIs in my WPF app. I was wondering if there were any low level frameworks (win32, MFC, etc) that I can use with WPF whose APIs will allow me to block access to other apps and "windows functionality" until the user enters a password or does an action. Also if I am looking in the wrong direction (with WPF) please let me know. Also general advice would be appreciated as frankly, as a beginner, I don't really know where to start properly.

To summarize: Beginner trying to make a lockscreen app and dont know how.

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