Zoom of image in form in Visual Basic 2012 and Visual Basic 6 - how to get result in 2012 like in VB


I created in Visual Basic 6.0 editor of images 48×48 pixels by creating block of elements using Picture boxes. All was ok until I upgraded from XP to Windows 8 - Visual Studio 6.0 is not possible to install also software written in Visual Basic 6.0 is very, very slow that rendering grid of elements program written above was long time and editing near impossible.

So, I upgraded to Visual Studio 2012 to programming in Visual Basic.NET. My experience with elements of Picture boxes gave me idea editing image directly as a single image and later modify it to wanted format... bit per bit - so - pixel per pixel

Zoom in VB6 was correct - no blur, pixelized...

now in VB2012 was image zoom blurred, unclear!

So, Q is simple: How to get not blurred image in zoom 800% - simple clear image of pixels as blocks ?

Thank you for every help!


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