How to delete all data from iPhone permanently before selling?

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How to delete iPhone data before selling? How to wipe all file from iPhone before selling my iPhone? How to permanently erase information on iPhone before selling my old iPhone?
1. “I want to sell both of my Water Damaged Iphones, how do i delete the data permanently if they wont go on? “- crocket

  1. Deleting info on iPhone?
    “I use my phone for a lot of things, therefore I have put a good amount of info in there over time. How can I delete whats in my phone before I sell it?” - BosKm

  2. Does erase all content and settings securley wipe?
    “I want to sell my iphone 4 to a friend of mine. I used to have some business info on the phone but i deleted it. I know deleting stuff doesnt "really" delete stuff and while i trust my friend i worry if somebody would steal the phone from my friend they could recover the deleted data. Ive heard erase content and settings deletes the encryption key making old data unrecoverable but i don't know if its true. Whats the correct way to securely sanitize my iphone before sale.” - Superfan

4.How can I make sure my old iPhone memory is completely deleted before selling it?
“I want to sell my first generation iPhone, but want to make sure it has been completely cleaned of my personal data.” - PSU94

To erase iPhone data before selling, remember backup all your data, You can use iTunes or iCloud to backup the data on your old iPhone, or directly transfer it to your new phone or computer with a certain data transfer tool like iPhone Data Manager.

Delete data on the iPhone for selling: To ensure that the deleted data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software, you need to choose a reliable tool which can finish this work perfectly and won't remember any data by itself. Here my recommendation is iPhone Data Eraser. This software can smash everything on the iPhone, and even the government recovery facility can't retrieve anything on it. It's totally safe and easy to use.

To ensure that the deleted data cannot be recovered by any data recovery app, a reliable data delete tool is in needed, here I strongly recommend this data eraser: iPhone Data Eraser or iPhone Data Eraser for Mac. iPhone Data Eraser is such a powerful software, which can help iPhone users to completely and permanently delete iPhone contacts, text messages, photos, videos and more. All the erased files are 100% unrecoverable. iPhone Data Eraser is compatible with iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S/5C/5/4S and more, as well as iPad and iPod touch.

Steps to Completely Delete Contacts, Text Messages from iPhone

Step 1. Do backup iPhone

Before you begin the next step, you should seriously do a full backup of your important data first. All deleted iPhone data will be wiped permanetly and it won't be retrieved. Please make backup first.

Step 2. Connect iPhone to computer

After you backup iPhone data, run iPhone Data Eraser. And Connect your iPhone to computer.

Step 3. Choose the right option on your device

You should choose the "ERASE ALL DATA" option, you are allowed to choose three kind of security levels to erasing your device.

Step 4. Permanent erase your iPhone data, not just contacts and text messages

Here please type "delete" in the textbox to confirm, and then click "Erase Now" so that you can continue the subsequent steps.
After that the program will automatically scan and wipe the data from your iPhone device, just wait a moment.

Note: All the erased data by the iPhone Data Eraser can not being recovered, so, you'd better backup iPhone data to computer before wiping your iPhone.

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Erase all contacts on iPhone before selling


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    If you want to erase all data from iPhone,you can use this iPhone data eraser tool,it can help you erase contents and setting from iPhone permanently without restore.You can use this ios data eraser software to wipe contacts, text messages, photos, videos,ect on iPhone before selling.
    Use guide: Permanently Erase data on iPhone Before Selling

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  • iPhone iPad Data Eraser supports erase all data from iPhone, including contacts, messages, call history, apps, system setting, photo, video, keyboard cache, safari bookmark. However, this iPhone Data Eraser is the most useful iPhone wipe tool that every ios users must own one.What’s more, the ios data eraser software works well with iPad and iPod(iPod Touch), as well, if you use iPad and iPod,you can use this ios data eraser software remove data from iPad& iPod easily.

    How to delete iPad video photos

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    To permanently erase data on iPhone before selling,you can use a iPhone data eraser,there are some iPhone data eraser software in the market, but few can be completely and permanently delete the data on iPhone, even if data has been cleared, some professional iPhone data recovery software can recover them later.
    Please read this use guide about how to delete text messages on iPhone before selling.So no one can get you personal information and data from iPhone,after you sell, donate or give it away.

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    iPhone, iPad, iPod are among the best selling mobile devices and Apple user numbers steadily increase in recent years. Apple offers numerous apps in Apple Store, its advanced technique and high standard user experience capture millions of Apple fans. However, problem comes as iTunes couldn’t meet all user requirements. One of the most urgent issues is “how to restore lost data from iDevices” since Apple provides no solution for any files missing case. iPhone iPad Data Recovery is designed for recovering deleted camera roll, photo stream, videos, contacts, text messages, call history, calendar, notes, reminders, voice memo and safari bookmark from iPhone, iPad and iPod.You can recover lost contacts from iPhone in three ways:

    Why iPhone iPad Data Recovery?
    There are a diverse range of iPhone data recovery programs you can download from the Internet. But iOS Data Recovery is one of the most outstanding tools that you can never miss for the following reasons: 1.Risk-free and read-only, make no damage to your files and computer. 2. Recover almost all the lost files include photos, videos, contacts, notes, messages and more. 3. Support iPhone 5s/5c/5/4s/4/3GS, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad3/ 2/1, iPod Touch 4 etc.
    Tips: You can recover lost data from iPhone 6 directly without/with iTunes back.

    Three recovery modes for your recover lost data from iPhone and iPad on Mac:

    Way 1: Recover lost data from iPhone, iPad directly
    Way 2: Scan and restore iTuens data for your iPhone, iPad
    Way 3: Download and restore iCloud backup files for your iPhone/iPad

    You must be considering about whether these data recovery softwares will harm your files or device or not. Applying a trustworthy program is by no means over-concern as you can’t afford suffering more loss. Some tool might be able to recover deleted photos from iPhone as per the user require. However, all device may crash and at the same time any data is at the risk of being damaged or removed. Retrieving only photos can no longer meet user demand hence more desirable functions are highly required. Of all iOS data recovery softwares, iPhone iPad Data Recovery is the ultimate troubleshooter.

    Key Features
    Restore data directly from iTunes backup without running iTunes.
    Recover important files include photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes etc.
    Support different models of iOS devices: iPhone 5c/5s/5/4s/4/3GS, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 3/2/1 and iPod Touch.
    Auto-scan, preview and selectively restoration.
    Risk-free and read-only.

    Performance and Reliability
    iPhone iPad Data Recovery has won more than 150 awards as well as being regarded as a most efficient and guaranteed iOS data recovery program. It scans, reads, extracts and recovers data from iTunes backup that normally user won’t be able to access. Recovered files are saved stored in a folder on your computer which means you have another accessible backup.

    If your daughter play on your iPhone and deleted the messages by mistake; if you are a entry-level iPad Air user who has accidentally reset your iPad to factory default; if your iPod crashes and need to retrieve music from iTunes Backup; if your iPhone dies and need urgent contacts recovery, you can’t miss iPhone iPad Data Recovery.

    You can learn the tutorial below:
    How to recover iPhone 6 lost data directly after iOS 9 update

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