Do I need a build a Database or something else, an how?

Hello all
I am trying to build a program for Skyrim’s Alchemy using Visual Studios C++. Because I need the program to keep track of data, I feel that I must create a database or something like it but I do not know for sure. So I will give a brief description (I hope) of what I would do if I were to do it physically so you can understand what I’m trying to have the program do for me but at a faster pace.
Let’s say that I have 100 flash cards. The first one is numbered by a #1 in the upper right corner. And each successive card is 1 number higher than the previous one. On each card there are 4 different properties. That would be the general background info to keep in mind while I go through some of the step by step process in which I need done.
Step 1. The program must choose the lowest numbered card (#1) from a list of cards to lay on a table (metaphorically speaking).
Step 2. The program must then choose the next lowest card from the list and lay it next to the card from Step 1. If (Boolean) any of the properties on the 2 card match, card #2 stays. If not, card #2 goes back to the list. Then the next lowest card (#3) repeats this process. This is done until there is an exact match of two (1 property from 1 card and another property from the other card must match) or more of the properties between the 1st and 2nd card.
Step 3. Now that the 2nd card matches the 1st one in some way, I need to find a third card that matches either the 1st or the 2nd card. The process for this is the same as Step 2 but it must start from the lowest numbered card available. For example; card #4 matches card #1. Therefore the third card must start from the #2 card.
Keeping this in mind, must I build a database to store the cards numbered from 1-to-100 with 4 properties on each card?


  • a database? like MySQL?

    honestly ,it seems like you may need to learn a bit more programming first.

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