V53 Instructions question

CopperCopper Peru
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I disasemble this code for V53 microprocesor.

the program begins here,,,,

7FC50  BE6600      MOV IX, 66
 7FC53  B6FF          MOV DH, FF
 7FC55  2E             PS  
 7FC56  8A14         MOV (IX),DL 
 7FC58  0AD2         OR DL,DL
 7FC5A  7431          BE,BZ short label 7FC8D
 7FC5C  2E              PS   
 7FC5D  8A4401       MOV (IX+1) + ,AL
 7FC60  EE               OUT DW, AL
 7FC61  83C602EB    ADD (IX), EB02
 7FC65  EF              OUT DW, AW
 7FC66  FE10          ? ? ? ?
 7FC68  FD            SET1 DIR
 7FC69  0E           PUSH PS 
 7FC6A  FC          CLR1 DIR
 7FC6B  F0          BUSLOCK
 7FFF0   EA5000C0FF    jump to 7FC50

code Instruction FE10 ? ? do not have instruction equivalent
maybe some erroneus instruction before?


  • CopperCopper Peru
    edited April 2015

    The code is in EPROM TC574000
    Processor is a NEC D70236 V53A

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