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I am an Indian Engineer(Non IT). I work in oil and gas projects as my discipline engineer. Please do not surprise why I am here. Let me explain, I do work on number of software for my day to day work (Engineering software). Couple of times, I face limitation with the functionality of my software and require to develop some user modules which can be coupled with my software. For this, I need to write simple programs in VB and execute them some times as excel spreadsheets.
I am not familiar with Visual basic and was doing only C Programming during my first year of engineering. Though, I love programming, its been a long long gap since I was actually doing it. I started learning only few things in VB/excel as and when I needed. But, I forget them easily and some times I spend time on understanding my own simple code.
Now I will come to my requirement: I want to learn thoroughly, syntax, arrays, functions, statements etc. Please suggest me a simple and easy book in VB which cover all aspects along with examples and I will learn it from the scratch, so that I wont for get it again. (( Eg: programming in ā€œcā€ by balaguruswamy was the book I expect If I learn C Prograaming now ļŠ) .
Thanks in advance IT folks

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