Adding simple image display to text based game

Dennis.1960Dennis.1960 Rainier WA

Hi all, I'm writing a text based statistical baseball game and I would like to add a very simple graphic capability. I don't want to do animation or anything fancy, I just want to load a picture of each players face and display the pitcher and hitter's photo for each new at-bat. I originally wrote an early version of the game on MacPascal back in the mid 80's, but have revived the project recently following a surgery leaving me with not much to do for a few weeks :-)

I'm using the Lazarus IDE v1.2.6 pascal environment on Windows8 and it's working great. I'm able to use my original code and add some nicer string processing functions with the SysUtils extension. I'm pretty certain there's no way to integrate images into the default text display window where the program actually displays it's text...but I'm hoping there's a way to have my code integrate the popup of a graphic friendly window with each new at-bat displaying an image of the pitcher and hitter.

What I'm really hoping to find is a very simple example of some code that accomplishes this...I work much more effectively finding a simple code fragment that I can further modify for my specifics.


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