Replacing the Timer Interrupt Handler in DOS With GNU (GCC and GAS)

As the title suggests, I'm trying to replace the existing handler for the Timer interrupt in DOS with one of my own. After searching far and wide for a variety of solutions, I found some Assembly code which does exactly that, and I have even managed to compile and test it, and saw that it works.

The problem now is that the code I found (see further down) is written for TASM, and I wish to use it with some C code that I'm writing, which I compile with GCC.

I've tried to convert the code into GAS (GNU Assembler) syntax, but I can't seem to get it to work (I mostly experienced crashes of one kind or another during my numerous attempts).

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could enlighten me with a solution (be it a working version of the assembly code that GAS can compile, a way to do the entire thing in C -- the "interrupt" keyword doesn't work, and neither does "attribute ((interrupt))" and the like -- or even a way to bridge between TASM and GCC).

I should also probably mention that the DOS system I'm using is actually an OracleVM VirtualBox Manager running a virtual machine with FreeDOS installed on it, and that the compiler I'm using for C is the GCC that is provided with the DJGPP development environment.

This is the working TASM code I have (taken from

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