Matlab final year project - image analysis

This is my first time using Matlab so I'm sorry if this isn't clear enough. Thanks in advance for any reply.

I'm currently doing a project on Matlab which is due in the next 4 weeks so this is a little urgent. The project should allow a user to input 2 images and the system should then compare them for similarity. I've already made the GUI and allowed the user to input the images and the system can check if the images are the same.

I want to be able to compare how the two images are similar in terms colour, texture, patterns, quality etc.

I'm very confused about how to compare/analyse the images for similarity. If any one can point me to the right direction as to what libraries/methods I need for the project or what to do next would be perfect. I want to be able to get a value for the colour percentages for each image. Also I would like to be able to get the patterns/objects within an image and compare them. Also I want to be able to compare the colour patterns if possible. I hope this has made it clearer.

Thanks, Mo

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