What are my options to solve this problem?

Hi, I would like to ask a general question about database and spreadsheets here. I hope this is the right place to do it. I've been tasked to create a solution of managing some data for my company. The company receives customer information through the contact form on the website which they manually put into a google spreadsheet, also any queries that we receive through the phone goes into that spreadsheet too.

Its fine but has some drawbacks namely two employees sometimes enter data in the same row and the latter replaces the former data in that row; employees can change the data entered by others (low security), so to overcome this, I need a solution that would create one unified database/spreadsheet which would house all the data and accessible from multiple computers over the network, the details from the contact form should automatically get pushed in, and employees entering data should somehow be able to know immediately when someone else is entering data in that row.So the datasheet needs to be in constant sync and there should also be some security so employees can't edit other rows, that doesn't belong to them.

So what kind of options do I have and which one would fit my requirements most? CRM, MySQL, MS Access, SharePoint, Query Management Software, or any other thing. I'm looking to expand my horizon and just need a direction

Thanks in advance, Ciao


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  • LlanthasLlanthas Cleveland, OH

    I'd say that you should look into Google Docs and create a shared spreadsheet there. SQL is probably WAYYY too much for this.

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