Access 2010 - Treeview connection (NodeClick Event)

cristipcristip Bucharest


First I would start with the fact, that I am quite new to the VBA programming language, normally I tried to avoid it or replicate something existing.
In this case I ran out of any ideas.

I have a form containing 2 treeviews. The difference between them is:

1) Parent + Level 1 Child (treereqs1)
2) Level 1 Child as Parent + all other childs (treereqs2)

Now I have two things which I will never be able to program with my knowledge on my own:

1) If user selects a Level 1 Child from the treeview 1, the second treeview will populate that child with all its further childs and not showing the rest of question (Level 1 Child).
2) When the user reaches the last level of a child, to jump automatically to the next question in treeview1.

If anyone would want to spend some time to support me with the coding, I would be very greatfull.


DB can be found here: Link

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