Need help creating a log in web page for my home server

ZachOZachO Wisconsin

I'm new to programming, and working to expand my knowledge. I learned the basics (variables, lists, simple equations, boolean expressions) years ago, and I'm taking refresher classess before moving on to more complex courses.

I would like some help creating a very simple log in page for my home server. I have a:

16 RAM
Ubuntu 14.04

set up right now.

The server is running Plex, Owncloud, and Cacti.

I'd like to users accesssing my domain at to be redirected to page.

After the user supplies a correct username and password I'd like them to be directed to a simple webpage with a few links.

Something like Welcome to, mydomain

Plex logo with link to Cacti logo with link to

Owncloud logo with link to

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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