string to xml math equation conversion

I have a question to xml developers... I use MathCad for my math calculations, which saves calculations in xml format. Strings and equations have different formats in MathCad. I have some equations in string format that I need to convert to MathCad equations. MathCad has no tools to convert equations in string format to MathCad equations in xml format. I have so many lengthy equations saved in Notepad that it is not practical to type them in MathCad one by one. So I need to have an exe file that takes equations in string format and convert them to xml format so that I can open in MathCad. My equations use very limited set of math operators (division, multiplication, substruction, addition, power).
I showed a simple example formula below in string format that is saved in Notepad.


My equations are much longer than the one above. All my equations are saved in Notepad. Equations should be in xml format for MathCad to treat them as equations. I just need a code that translates the equations in string format (like the one above) to xml code that I can open in Mathcad as equations.
I am not a programmer and I have zero experience with xml. I wonder if someone can help me with my task.


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